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And we're live!

Yeah! As the stock title suggests, we are absolutely live.

Actually, this is the culmination of two years of false starts, empty promises and beating my head against the wall trying to do it all myself. To those of you that made offers to help during this time, I absolutely appreciate it - but needed to dig myself out of the hole of mistrust that only takes one person (well, three...) to help me dig.

Aaaand the fact that my business cards have this URL printed on them because I've been sitting on the domain all that time. And that I leave for Japan on Wednesday, and it was pointed out that I should have business cards to take with me. See where I'm going with this? My Japanese is non-existent, so how could I possibly say "Here's my business card, but the website is inactive." That doesn't even work in English!

So anyways, here we are. It is still very much a work in progress - the Archive page is incomplete, I still need to retouch and format the photography of all my most recent work. The mobile version of this site is quite terrible, I haven't had the time to devote to designing it yet, so I'm at the mercy of the host's auto-optimize thingy for now. I still need to figure what to do with my old blog, and I really want to shoot a bunch of new photography for the static pages. Not to mention all the little glitches that need to be worked out whenever a new site goes live (do I deal with them now, can it wait until I get back, blah, blah...).

I also need to figure out the relationship between this site, and my social accounts, which to me is a bit of a big deal. I've relied heavily on social media to promote my work, but I'd really like to base everything here, and merely link to Facebook - but I worry that it will become a bit impersonal over on FB. And I like my Likers on Facebook!

But it's a start, and I have several ideas about what I'd like to do with this site. So I hope you take the time to have a look, and thanks for swinging by!

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